Strategically located in the middle of Surigao del Sur is the enigmatic town of Barobo.

While concrete road network may have connected it with the northern and southern parts of the province and to Agusan del Sur, it is still a laidback community unperturbed by the trappings of modern life.

Cabgan IslandCabgan IslandCabgan IslandNot far from the winding and busy road of Barobo is a river leading to Lianga Bay where amazing destinations await tourists who frolic under the heat of the sun.

From the old market site of Barobo, one can hop on a boat and reach Cabgan Island in just 20 minutes.

Cabgan IslandCabgan IslandTurtle IslandThe waters around the islands are teeming with life. On that perfectly sunny day of August 25, I saw local fishermen busy tending to their trade.

My first stop was Cabgan Island. The island has a long stretch of unspoiled white beach. Then as if that’s not enough, there is a small cove on the southern part of the island.

Turtle IslandLianga-BayLianga-Bay-2South of Cabgan is a turtled-shaped rock island. Aptly called Turtle Island, it has a very interesting attraction: a small secluded beach.

Other islands and islets dotted Lianga Bay which make Barobo, a town named after a tree species abundant in its early days, really a marvelous place worthy to be visited.


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