Location: Biliran Island, Biliran
Types: Plunge, Segmented, Tiered, Cascade, Slide horsetail, Fan horsetail

Habal-Habal in BiliranMy first Eastern Visayas trip did not give me enough time to visit the island province of Biliran. So when that trip was completed, I knew in my heart that I have to schedule another trip to Region 8. And so I did.

After our plane descended at the Daniel Z. Romualdes Airport, I went straight to a van-van terminal in downtown Tacloban to catch a ride going to Biliran.
Biliran CapitolIn my list I had more than ten waterfalls to visit. I pegged two days to explore them all. A habal habal ride will make it easier and quicker for me to accomplish my goal.
Bagongbong FallsThe first in my list is Bagongbong Falls. Located in the barangay (village) of Caucab in the town of Almeria, Bagongbong Falls plunges from 10-meter high crest to a huge basin. The falls is surrounded by dense forests and lush vegetation. The path going to the falls is relatively easy but coming back is a challenge.
Kinaraha FallsAfter soaking myself into the boundless beauty of Bagongbong Falls and getting refreshed by it, I went to my next destination: Kinaraha Falls. Hopping in to the habal habal, we passed by pockets of rice terraces. Situated in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Kinaraha Falls is a series of tiers. The trail going to Sampao is on the edge of a deep ravine. Care and caution need to be exercised here; I had several slips and scratches.
Pondol FallsThe third and last waterfalls in Almeria that I visited was Pondol Falls. It is 20-minute hike from Barangay Iyusan. Though not as tall as Bagongbong Falls, it has also has a wide basin. While enjoying the scenery and the cool waters that run under my feet, I shared a snack with my guide.
Tinago Falls (Biliran)After a short stop at the provincial capitol, we cruised along the scenic Cross Country Road. Half an hour later, we reached the towering Tinago Falls. Not literally hidden as its name suggests or like the waterfalls in Iligan City, its name was derived from sitio Tinago in Barangay Pulang Yuta in the town of Caibiran. Of all the Biliran’s waterfalls that I visited that day, this was easily the most accessible.
Tumalistis FallsWe took a hearty lunch in the town proper of Caibiran. The owners of the restaurant made a convincing pitch that we should go to Tumalistis Falls. A few moments later, we were on our way to Tumalistis Falls. It was reputed to have the sweetest and clearest drinking water in the world. That I cannot verify. Nevertheless it is beautiful and majestic.
Casiawan FallsThe sixth and last waterfalls that we went to was Casiawan Falls in Casiawan, Cabucgayan. The main drop stands at 40 meters, easily making it as the province’s highest waterfalls. Breathtaking, I took time in immersing in its majesty.

Visibly satisfied and physically tired, I called it a day. So I told my driver/guide to go back to Naval where I spent the night and prepare for another adventure the following day.

How To Get There:

  • From Manila (air): take any Tacloban flight of PAL, Cebu Pacific, and Zest Air.
  • From Tacloban City: outside of the airport, there is a jeepney that goes to the city proper. Tell the conductor to drop you off at a van terminal. Take a Naval, Biliran-bound van.
  • From Naval: hire a habal habal motorcycle.

Note: This is a part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. This is also part of LegendHarry‘s June 7-12, 2012 Eastern Visayas Backpacking Trip.


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