Location: Lawa-an, Eastern Samar
Types: Plunge, Slide horsetail, Fan horsetail

The sleepy town of Lawa-an, Eastern Samar is teeming with natural wealth. In recent years, it has identified several marine sanctuaries along the vast Leyte Gulf. In its hinterlands, there are several majestic waterfalls. I was blessed to see three of them.

Although I have not been feeling well, I still decided to go to Lawa-an. After a ninety-minute ride from Tacloban City in a van, I finally arrived in this coastal town. I immediately went to the Municipal Agriculture Office and met Sir Poldo who assigned me a local guide.

Ban-awan FallsOur first stop was the towering Ban-awan Falls. The trail that leads to Ban-awan Falls is the most physically demanding to navigate. It has the steepest assault. The trail can be treacherous. But the scenery was truly rewarding. Ban-awan Falls is one of the most spectacular and majestic waterfalls I have ever seen.

Amandaraga FallsAn easier 30-minute trek from Ban-awan Falls is Amandaraga Falls. This cascade watefall has a wider basin, more fit for swimming and picnicking.

Pangi FallsThe least visited of the three waterfalls is Pangi Falls. My local guide told me about this waterfall and since I still had some time to spare, we visited it. And I was not disappointed. The trees surrounding the basin are a perfect shade and make swimming a lot more refreshing and rejuvenating.

That decision to shrug off that flu-like symptom paid off big time. I had a truly rewarding side-trip to Lawa-an, communing with nature, refreshed by the magnificent views of its majestic waterfalls.

How To Get There:

  • From Manila (air): take any Tacloban flight of PAL, Cebu Pacific, and Zest Air.
  • From Tacloban City: outside of the airport, there is a jeepney that goes to the city proper. Tell the conductor to drop you off at a van terminal. Take a Guiuan-bound van and drop off at Lawa-an town proper.
  • From Lawa-an: go to the Municipal Agricultural Office and seek their assistance.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. Also, this is part of his June 7-12, 2012 Eastern Visayas Backpacking Trip.


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