… lami kaayo!

Yes, durian pie is so delicious! No doubt about that.

While others are not tickled by this exotic fruit, I have to digress. And if I may add, they are missing a lot especially when they visit Mindanao.

Durian is very abundant in Davao City. And the Davaoeños are surely a creative people. They make some twist out of this fruit; one of which is the durian pie.

Durian PieOn my last day in this beautiful city, I tried to try one. So I headed to downtown where a small but cozy Café Russy is located along Quirino Avenue across Tower Inn.

An unassuming watering hole, its durian pie easily trumped out my all-time favorite blueberry cheesecake. Definitely, I will try this once again when I am going back to Davao City next month.

Note:This is part of LegendHarry‘s June 28-July 3, 2012 Davao-Caraga-SOCCSKSARGEN Trip.


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