When we think of Juan Novicio Luan, Spoliarium would come out right away. And for the older generation, the 25-centavo coin.

But his Ilocano roots and his relation to the former First Lady Imelda Marcos may escape from one’s knowledge. On October 24, 1857, who would have thought that in the little town of Badoc, Ilocos Norte, the most prominent Filipino painter would born.

Juan Luna ShrineFor her alleged Imeldific Complex, she initiated the restoration of the birthplace of the country’s foremost painter and propagandist. She is after all a direct descendant of the Lunas. The Shrine contains mostly of reproductions of Luna’s masterpieces as the highly valuable and sensitive originals are found elsewhere. His bed can be found in one of the shrine’s rooms.

Juan Luna ShrineOutside the shrine are the large print outs in tarpaulins of the more famous paintings such as La Batalla de Lepanto, El Pacto de Sangre, La Muerte de Cleopatra, and Odalisque. An imposing statue made by Juan Sajid is near the azotea.


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