Perched on a hill overlooking the town plaza of Sta. Maria in Ilocos Sur and the West Philippine Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be found.

Also called the Church of the Assumption (La Asuncion de la Nuestra Señora Church), the Sta. Maria Church is one of the four baroque churches declared as a World Heritage Site during the 1992 UNESCO Convention.

Sta. Maria ChurchThe Sta. Maria Church was founded by the Augustinian friars. The church was rebuilt in 1810 with its belfry erected at the same time. It became a temporary residence for missionaries to Abra.

Sta. Maria BelfryBy virtue of Presidential Decree 260 issued by President Ferdinand E. Marcos on August 1, 1973, which was further strengthened by PD 375 (January 14, 1974) and PD 1515 (June 11, 1978), the Sta. Maria Church was declared as a national historical landmark.


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