In the course of my Philippine explorations, there were surprises that would spring out from nowhere. As I put the southern Cebu town of Samboan in my itinerary, my original plan was just to go to Aguinid Falls. Then suddenly I came across with several interesting tourist spots and historical landmarks.

SamboanAs the Ceres bus left Cebu South Bus Terminal at 1AM, I was expecting to be in Samboan before sunrise. And literally, I did! It was just 3:30AM when we arrived and I whiled the time away in the above structure in which I found out to be the Samboan WWII Volunteers Monument. This war memorial and heroes’ shrine was dedicated to watchmen, carriers and food donors for the Filipino resistance during the Second World War.

Museo de SamboanBeside the municipal building is Museo de Sambaoan, the town’s repository of its rich heritage and memorabilia.

Campanario de AntiguaPerched on a hill overlooking Tañon Strait and Negros Island is the imposing coral stone-made Campanario de Antigua, a belfry and watchtower used to guard the town against marauding Muslims. It was built in 1798 under Father Toribio Gerzon.

Escala de JacobAt the foot of Campanario de Antigua is Escala de Jacob (Saint Jacob’s Ladder). Built in 1878 during the term of Father Gerzon. This manunggol stone stairs provide easy access for the Samboanons coming from the coastal areas to the church grounds.

Church of St. Michael ArchangelCompleting the town plaza is the Church of Saint Michael Archangel. Built in 1784 out of coral stones, it is one of the oldest churches in Cebu.

Binalayan Falls - 03

Located in the southern part of Samboan are Binalayan Falls and Aguinid Falls. Sometimes referred to as Hidden Falls, Binalayan Falls is known for its beautiful triple drop waterfalls. Its punchbowl waterfalls is as majestic as well.

Aguinid Falls - 03

Further down south is the five-tiered Aguinid Falls in Brgy. Tangbo. According to the villagers, I was able to visit only two of the five tiers.

Dau Falls - 02

In the far flung barangay of Suba, at the foot of Mt. Bartolina, southern Cebu’s highest peak is the Dau Falls. The fan-like, multi-tiered waterfalls Dau Falls is considered to be highest among the waterfalls in Samboan and probably hardest to reach.

They said that there are other interesting sights that I should consider going to. But I had enough on that day to assert that Samboan is indeed a beautiful town.


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