The town of Sarrat in Ilocos Norte is more known to be the birthplace of President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. The tenth president of the Philippine republic, he was born in Sarrat to Representative Mariano Marcos and Doña Josefa Edralin on September 11, 1917.

President Ferdinand E. Marcos BirthplaceAn Important Cultural Property can be found in Sarrat. The longest church in the province, the Church of Santa Monica was built by the Franciscan friars.

Sarrat ChurchIt was here where late president’s youngest daughter, Irene, got married to Greggy Araneta in 1983 in a lavish style. Wedding expenses estimated to be at $10.3 million.

Sarrat Bell TowerLike all other belfries in Ilocos Norte, the massive, square tower was built a few meters away from the church. The March 19, 1932 earthquake severely damaged the belfry.

Casa del Palacio RealCompleting the Sarrat Church Complex is the convent or Casa del Palacio Real. It is now the repository of the town’s artifacts and memorabilia.

Rit-ritemon Kayong Uprising MonumentBuilt in front of the Old Presidencia is the Rit-ritemon Kayong Uprising Monument. It commemorates the heroic resistance and valiant assault led by Don Jose Jamias Ver on the American garrison in Laoag. It is now “serves as a living testimony of the freedom-loving spirit of the Sarrateños who demonstrated nationalism, love and liberty for their beloved country. Rit-ritemon means rip the fence apart.

Sarrat PresidenciaThe town’s New Presidencia (Municipal Hall) was the restored Irene’s Guest House. It was inaugurated on June 25, 1997.

Old Sarrat Town HallMeanwhile, the Old Presidencia is still being used.

So, whenever you are in Laoag City, try to visit the town of Sarrat. It is just seven kilometers away but it is worth the hassle as you will learn a lot of the province’s past.


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