Born on September 11, 1917, Ferdinand Marcos was born to Representative Mariano Marcos y Rubio and Doña Josefa Edralin y Quetulio in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte. He would become a controversial icon in Philippine history. He was an exemplary orator, a gifted writer, a varsity athlete (swimmer, boxer, wrestler), a UP College of Law magna cum laude, a bar topnotcher, a soldier, a guerilla, a three-term congressman (Second District, Ilocos Norte), a senator, a Senate Minority Floor Leader, a Senate President, Philippine president from 1965 to 1986. Depending on which side of history one leans on, Marcos was and is continually despised and admired.Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos Birthplace The former ancestral home of his maternal grandparents Don Fructuoso Edralin y Carpio and Doña Emerenciana Quetulio y Taganas typical of the residences of well-to-do farmers in those days, was a two-storey structure, the ground floor serving as granary, farm storage and garage for the family calesin, while the upper floor was used exclusively as living quarters. The president spent the first eight years of his youth in this storied town of Sarrat.

Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos BirthplaceReconstructed to its originality by the First Lady Imelda Marcos to commemorate the birth anniversary of President Marcos on September 11, 1977. Now a museum, it houses the memorabilia and relics of the Marcos and Edralin families. The museum is just seven kilometers from Laoag City. It is near to other key landmarks and destinations of Sarrat.


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