Aside from the majestic rice terraces in Nagacadan, Kiangan, Ifugao is also included in the annals of Philippine history as in this mountainous town that the General Tomoyuki Yamashita surrendered. Pressured by the unrelenting onslaught of the combined USAFFE and the Philippine guerilla movement against the Japanese Imperial Army, Yamashita informally surrendered on September 2, 1945. It thus signified the beginning of the end of the Second World War in the Philippine Theater.

Kiangan Shrine - 02 The ornately-designed shrine features a mosaic depicting historical events mainly the Bataan Death March, the local resistance movement, and the surrender of the Tiger of Malaya.

Kiangan Shrine - 03Upon the orders of President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Shrine was erected by the Philippine Tourism Authority with the cooperation of the provincial government of Ifugao and the municipality of Kiangan, on April 19, 1973.

Ifugao MuseumWithin the Shrine compound is Ifugao Museum, a repository of Ifugao traditional and cultural memorabilia which include Ifugao clothes, accessories, wood carvings, statues, weapons, musical instruments, among others. The stone hagabi or bench created by Governor Owen Tomlinson, the first American military governor of Ifugao, is also found in the museum.


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