Jose Rizal and the Martyrs and Patriots of Camarines Norte

Today, the entire Philippines will pay homage to the 116th death anniversary of Dr. José P. Rizal who was shot to death on December 30, 1896 in Bagumbayan, now Rizal Park, aptly named after him.

Daet MonumentTo the freedom-loving and patriotic people of Camarines Norte led by Lt. Col. Ildefonso Alegre and Lt. Col. Antonio Sanz of the Philippine Revolutionary Army, they were the first to make tribute to the country’s foremost national hero. On December 30, 1898, they unveiled the first Rizal Monument in the Philippines.

Camarines Norte MartyrsOn April 14 to 18, 1898, these patriots who comprised the Katipunan unit in Camarines Norte led a revolt in Daet against the Spanish authorities. In the intervening period, many of the revolutionaries, leaders and members alike, as well as civilians were summarily executed. Others were tortured and incarcerated. However short-lived the revolt was, nevertheless it signaled the beginning of the end of Spanish rule in Bicol.

The martyrs and patriots:

  • Jose Abaño
  • Perico Amorsolo
  • Isidoro Avila
  • Leoncio Avila
  • Florante Bacerdo
  • Severo Banan
  • Teodoro Banan
  • Eugenio Boac
  • Valentin Cabanela
  • Valeriano Calleja
  • Leoncino Carranceja
  • Sixto Sta. Catalina
  • Andres Dames
  • Santiago Ellaga
  • Aniceto Gregorio
  • Esteban Imperial
  • Valintin Lipana
  • Diego Liñan
  • Domingo Lozada
  • Gregorio Loyon
  • Vicente Lukban
  • Armando Millares
  • Cefirino Millares
  • Leoncio Montes
  • Ildefonso Moreno
  • Joaquin Moreno
  • Leopoldo Nadal
  • Andres Obaña
  • Agaton Orias
  • Roman Pajarillo
  • Rosalio Pajarillo
  • Vicente Perez
  • Claro Pimentel
  • Jacinto Rada
  • Gavino Saavedra
  • Vicente Salveria
  • Florente Samante
  • Gregorio del Valle
  • Felix Vana
  • Arcadio Varga
  • Florentino Yaneza
  • Tomas Zaldua
  • Marianito Zaldua
  • Telesforio Zaldua
  • Angel Zaleta
  • Eleuterio Zaleta