The Philippine Commission, as authorized by the President of the United States, oversaw the reorganization of provincial and municipal governments in the Philippines. On April 20, 1901, in pursuant to Act No. 83, otherwise known as The Provincial Government Act of 1901, extended its provisions in creating the Province of Albay, including the islands of San Miguel, Caoraray, Batan and Rapurrapu, by virtue of Act No. 122. The capital of the province was the town of Albay (Section 5). Act No. 122 created the offices of the provincial governor, secretary, treasurer, supervisor, and fiscal.

Albay Capitol - 01

The Old Albay has been incorporated to Legazpi which became a city on June 12, 1959, when President Carlos P. Garcia approved Republic Act No. 2234. The Capitol is located in front of Peñaranda Park in the Old Albay District.

Albay Capitol - 02


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