The church in Sabtang was first built as a small chapel by the Dominicans in 1785. It was later abandoned in 1791 when the people were forcibly relocated to Ivana as local Ivatan warrior and chieftain Aman Dangat revolted. The church was rebuilt using lime and stone under the supervision of Father Antonio Vicente, O.P., in 1844. When the belfry was damaged by a typhoon, Father Gumersindo Hernandez, O.P., ordered its repair in 1956. The interiors were repaired and the roofing was replaced by Father Rafael Carpintero, O.P., in 1983-1984.  Sabtang Church - 01By virtue of Resolution No. 09, the National Historical Institute declared the church, convent and the site of the beaterio as a national historical landmark on July 9, 2008. The NHI asserted that the church became a self-supporting community with lay workers called beatos providing for the sustenance and support for the parish.Sabtang Church

That the home of the beatos exist as part of the church complex which includes the church edifice and the convent and were built using native materials and were the style of the houses of the inhabitants. That much of the original structure of the church and convent withstood the ravages of the time and the homes of the beatos still stand as ruins. That the church, convent and the ruins of the beaterio are a living testimony of the way of life the people during the Spanish period and to the artistry, craftmanship and ingenuity of its builders.Sabtang Church


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