The Base Hospital of the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines – Northern Luzon (USAFIP-NL) was transferred to Tagudin, Ilocos Sur on May 27, 1945. This move brought the hospital closer to the frontline where the battle casualties and medical cases were tremendously heavy. The headquarters was installed at the municipal hall, while big tents were set up on the town plaza and on the market site as well as the big residential houses bordering the plaza were utilized as hospital wards.

Base HospitalManned at the height of the Philippine Liberation Campaign by 881 military and civilian personnel, this hospital was the biggest installation during the operations whose patients were casualties and cases of the Battle of Bessang Pass and other skirmishes of the larger Battle of Luzon.

In 1959, the Philippine Historical Committee installed a memorial marker as a tribute to the services of men and women of the Base Hospital.


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