After one of our Victory groups, Paul and I were talking about Naga City. I told him that I’d be going to the Heart of Bicol Peninsula. He suggested to me that I should go to Panicuason, added that it’s worth trying. So, I did. And my group also did.

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort Located in the northeastern barangay of Panicuason, the hot springs resort, named after the village it is located, is a therapeutic haven beneath the shades of Mount Iriga. Panicuason Hot Springs Resort is roughly 16 kilometers from the city center up to the main gate and another 1.3 kilometers of one-lane concrete road. One has to wait for his turn to go down or up, upon the advice of the man with a hand-held radio.Panicuason Hot Springs Resort

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort was the last destination during our Dec 28-29 Camarines Sur + Albay Group Tour. This was most welcome as a therapeutic treatment to our tired bodies.

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort They said that the hot spring has some medical and therapeutic benefits, namely, relief of arthritic and other body pains, treatment of skin diseases and disorders, treatment of respiratory problems, help ease gynecological problems like PMS and menopausal discomforts, aids in certain digestive problems like acid reflux, indigestion and chronic diarrhea, killing harmful germs and viruses, eliminating toxins, increasing blood flow and circulation, increasing metabolism and absorption of essential minerals, lower cholesterol level and blood pressure, and skill beauty and wellness.

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort The resort has been operational for about 15 years already. It has several swimming and wading pools with varying height (two feet to five feet) and temperature (from coldest at 25 degrees to 39 degrees, the hottest).

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort The hot spring is caused by the potentially active stratovolcano Mount Isarog while the cold spring is generated from the Inarihan River. Panicuason charges P200 and P250 for day and night entrance fees, respectively. Cottages can be rented from P200 to P500.


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