The inherent blessings of an archipelagic country and long coastal lines are pristine white beaches, rich corals, and splendid geological formations. A best example is Kapurpurawan, a rock formation endlessly and constantly sculpted by nature’s rough caress and tough love.

Kapurpurawan Rock FormationFrom the root word puraw, Ilocano for white, Kapurpurawan is located at the northern edge of mainland Luzon, off Bangui Bay of the West Philippine Sea.

Kapurpurawan Rock FormationThe perfect blend of nature’s elements wind, water, rain, and sun rays make Kapurpurawan indeed a sight to behold. Only until recently that the road leading to Kapurpurawan was improved and widened that four wheels can now enter more comfortably.

Kapurpurawan Rock FormationBefore, it was rougher and tougher to go there that most tourists would rather pass it up. Governor Imee Marcos, who has been relentlessy promoting Ilocos Norte tourism through its Paoay Kumakaway campaign, had it improved.

Kapurpurawan Rock FormationThe local government opened to the public the right side of the rock formation while they cordoned off the left side as it is eroding. A viewing deck was built to have an even better view of the rock formation.Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan is now one of the most widely visited destinations during the Ilocos Heritage Tour.Kapurpurawan Rock Formation


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