One of my favorite establishments in Ilocos Norte is Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant which specializes in Ilocano fusion cuisine. Of all its many delectable dishes, a personal favorite is their Saramsam Pasta. It is a made up of shrimps, cilantro, red and green bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, onions, green and ripe mango slices, with olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese.

SaramsamThe different tastes and aromas of the fresh ingredients make the Saramsam Pasta an instant hit and favorite for a pasta lover like me. And you can also add bagoong, another Ilocano favored condiment! Served with an iced-cold Baraniw (wild basil) tea, this is quite a heavenly experience. When you’re in Laoag, visit Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant. I can assure you that they can satisfy your discriminating taste buds.


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