Who would have thought that a boutique hotel can be a tourist spot?

In Davao City, there is a unique hotel that has caught the fancy of tourists and art enthusiasts. It is not the design of the rooms nor its make up that regale its visitors. The artworks inside and outside Ponce Suites make it an unlikely tourist spot.

Ponce Suites Ponce SuitesYears of painstaking work by the artist named Kublai Millan (Rey Mujahid Ponce Millan) have paid handsomely as his works are noticed and recognized. At Ponce Suites, the flamboyant artworks have literally splashed all over the hotel.

Ponce Suites Ponce SuitesYou can easily get blown and overwhelmed by the creativity and passion that he has put in his works. We thought those stuffs are just clutters but he saw otherwise. And he produced masterpieces out of it.

Ponce Suites Ponce SuitesOther masterpieces of the prolific yet down to earth Kublai can be seen in Davao International Airport (the giant durian), People’s Park, and Rizal Park. But those in Ponce Suites are more than enough to blow you away.


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