One of the key dates of the Philippine Revolution was August 31, 1896. On this date in San Francisco de Malabon, General Mariano Trias and his group Sangguniang Mapagtiis of the Katipunan successfully attacked the town cuartel general and disarmed the Spanish soldiers.

Noveleta TribunalOn the same day, General Mariano Alvarez captured the town of Noveleta. In the halls of the former Noveleta Tribunal, General Pascual Alvarez killed Captain Antonio Rebolledo of the Guardia Civil. Lieutenant Francisco Naval, adjutant to Rebolledo, was also killed. Other Spanish soldiers were captured by the revolutionaries of the Magdiwang faction.

Noveleta TribunalThus, the capture of the Noveleta Tribunal further intensified the Cavite front of the Philippine Revolution.


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