Heavy fighting took place in this area in resulting from enemy infiltration to the rear prior to the deployment of troops on Pilar-Bagac Line on the last week of January 1942. The enemy was pocketed and the ensuing engagement became known as the Battle of Toul Pockets. Participating USAFFE units were the 11th Infantry, 11th Division, and elements of the 2nd Regular Division, 71st Division, and 91st Division, all of the Philippine Commonwealth Army and Tank Groups under Brigadier General James R.N. Weaver (AUS).

Battle of the Pockets in Bagac, BataanIn nearby Gogo-Cotar River valley to the West, other small pockets developed behind the 1st Regular Division front line in this “Battle of the Pockets“. The enemy infiltration troops were totally destroyed by February 18, 1942 and marked a signal victory of the USAFFE.


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