South of this point is Barrio Capot and Capot Hill on whose southern slopes was organized a portion of the line of Sector C, in which was located the terminus of the vital North-South Trail 2. In an effort to break through the Main Line of Resistance, the Japanese 9th Infantry Regiment assaulted Trail 2 and Capot Hill beginning January 27, 1942.

Battle Trail 2 Memorial Site Elements of the 31st and 32nd Infantry Regiments, the rifle-equipped 31st Field Artillery Regiment and the 31st Engineering Battalion of the 31st Division, and the 41st Infantry Regiment of the 41st Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army held back the hostile attacks forcing the Japanese to pull out and fall back to their line on February 2, 1942.

Mount Samat in Pilar, BataanAfter the fierce battle, 100 Japanese were dead within 150 yards of the Main Line of Resistance; some of the bodies were no more than five yards from foxholes occupied by Filipino troops who suffered only light casualties.


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