The spiritual ministration of Balanga formerly belonged with Abucay. Balanga became an independent missionary center in 1739. Reverend Benito Rivas, O.P. strengthened this church by fortifying its walls. Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Balanga City, BataanReverend Juan Antonio Vicente, O.P. roofed it with galvanized iron and decorated the interior. Reverend Fernaldo Ma. Minano, O.P., from  1838-45 constructed the arch of the choir loft and made the baptismal font out of granite from Mariveles. Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Balanga City, BataanThe parochial ministration under the Filipino clergy started with Reverend Mariano Sarili on June 2, 1898. During the Battle of Bataan, the 14th Army positioned their artillery in the churchyard to bomb Mount Samat.


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