Astride this point, on which was located the vital North-South Trail 4, was positioned the 23rd Infantry Regiment which held the center of the 21st Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army, subjected to artillery and serial bombardment in the morning of Good Friday, April 3, 1942, its outpost line of resistance north of Tiawir River collapsed.

Final Battle Site in Pilar, BataanAt 3PM the Japanese 61st Infantry Regiment, 4th Division broke through the main line of resistance at this point and swerving eastward for the 22nd Infantry Regiment to abandon its position. By nighttime the Japanese had pushed 1,000 yards behind the main line of resistance on their advance toward Limay. On the 6th of April, the Japanese had overwhelmed all resistance offered by the 23rd and 22nd Infantry Regiments resulting in the disintegration of the II Philippine Corps and the surrender of Bataan.


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