Location: Calbayog City, Samar
Types: Fan horsetail, Cascade, Tiered

As I continually pursue my plan to visit the 60 cities chartered before my birth year and at the same time chase more majestic falls around the archipelago, the City of Calbayog in Samar easily figured in the list of priority destinations. So on July 4, I finally managed to go to Calbayog City. On two previous occasions however I failed to make the trips to this city.

Bangon Falls in Calbayog City, Samar From the city integrated public transport terminal, I took the PUJ bound to Allen, a town in Northern Samar and the gateway to Region 8. After several naps and nearly two hours of travel, I have finally reached Barangay Tinaplacan.

Bangon Falls in Calbayog City, SamarI looked for a habal-habal motorcycle to bring me to Bangon Falls. I did not have the luxury of time to trek for three kilometers as time was not on my side. A few minutes later, we were off to the falls. At the end of the road was Bangon Falls.

I thought the waterfall was very very ordinary, a river which has a few minor drops if I may add. A disappointment slowly built up within me.

Bangon Falls in Calbayog City, SamarBut as I walked further upstream, it dawned on me that Bangon Falls looked promising and my disappointment rapidly quelled.

Bangon Falls in Calbayog City, SamarAfter a long trip all the way from Manila, the sight was indeed refreshing and breath-taking. Then having a dip in its cool waters was all the more rejuvenating. Of the three tiers, the highest has the biggest and deepest basin.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls.


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