As I marvel at the beauty and splendor of Batad Rice Terraces, I kept thinking on to how many ways to do in Batad. I rumbled and mumbled a few.

Batad Rice TerracesWhen in Batad:

  • appreciate the greatness, visionary mindset, engineering and architectural skills, persistence, hard work, and patience of our ancestors.
  • go down and take a dip at Tappiyah Falls.
  • go up and really up to the highest point of Batad and see a different perspective from there.
  • if you need to contact the outside world, there’s a Globe/TM signal at Ramon’s Homestay; sorry Smart and Sun subscribers.
  • take part in some chores like pound coffee or rice; I say the aroma is heavenly.
  • stay at Hillside Inn if you want the best view the amphitheater-like rice terraces.
  • stay at Ramon‘s if you want sleep at traditional Ifugao houses and know more about their culture.
  • stay at Rita‘s if you want to witness the sunrise.
  • try Ramon‘s locally brewed coffee and in-house pizza.
  • wear traditional dresses for a photo opp but don’t forget to give tips.
  • get a guide or a porter; your money helps the local big time!


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