Earlier in the day, I experienced for a fleeting moment a paradise in Cabugao Gamay Island. But I was sent crashing down to earth by the blemished caves of Cabugao Daku Island.

Antonia Beach in Gigantes South Island in Carles, IloiloSo, we proceeded to Antonia Beach which is located at the southeastern edge of Gigantes Sur Island. As we were nearing the beach, I felt that I would be in another paradise. Indeed, I was!

Antonia Beach in Gigantes South Island in Carles, IloiloThe sand was powdery. The water was turquoise. The beach was dotted with coconut trees. The rock formation was just awesome.

As I climbed the southern hill of Gigantes Sur Island that overlooks Antonia Beach, I thought I never left Cabugao Gamay Island after all. I thought that its spectacular scenery nearly mirrored that of Cabugao Gamay Island‘s.

Antonia Beach in Gigantes South Island in Carles, IloiloBelow the spot that I sat was perfect place to do cliff jump. I was contemplating to do some while I was there but I got no motivation to do so. I wish I did anyway. Instead, I climbed higher and went to the other side of the hill to take more shots of the majestic scenes that flooded my sight.

As I was overwhelmed by the scenery that I seen, the adrenaline rush slowly went down. Then I felt hunger. So, I asked my guide to prepare my lunch. I only had two blue crabs.

Blue CrabThe day before, the fishermen in Gigantes Norte Island had little catch because the water in the Visayan Sea was rough. These were enough though to tide me over.

Then I was ready for my next destination.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s July 30-August 8, 2013 Panay Island Backpacking Trip.


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