Location: Barangay Artuz, Tapaz, Capiz
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The night before I went to Tapaz, Capiz, I had not made up my mind if I would indeed go to this mountainous town. I was also contemplating to go to Pilar, Capiz to see its Hinulugan Falls.Then the morning came and still I had no firm decision. Then it rained in downtown Roxas City. So, while I was eating a sumptuous breakfast at Spango Café in Rizal Street, maybe I should go to Tapaz instead and possibly see some members of the Mundos tribe.

(While I was in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, I deliberately met some of the T’bolis to know deeper about them, their culture, and issues that confront them. I didn’t meet anyone though but maybe in a different time and circumstance.)

Pangilatan Falls in Tapaz, CapizFrom Spango Café, I went to the transport terminal to catch a Tapaz-bound Ciudadano Bus. It took us 90 minutes to reach Tapaz. Like in all other Chasing Waterfalls Trips, I hired a habal habal to personally bring me to Pangilatan Falls. Good thing, the driver knew the falls as he confessed to be a former member of the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit or CAFGU, an auxiliary unit of the AFP involved in counter-insurgency in the rural areas.

Pangilatan Falls is tucked in a lush vegetation deep into the forested mountains of Tapaz. From the sitio where we parked the motorcycle, it was just a ten-minute walk on rolling hills. Then we had to descend through an unfinished concrete path and a steep steel staircase.

Pangilatan Falls in Tapaz, CapizThe waterfall stands at about 25 meters. Days before my visit, it rained hard in Tapaz that’s why the water was a bit murky. Otherwise, it would have been great to plunge into its fresh waters and cool off for a while. According to the driver, the pool that Pangilatan Falls formed is so deep that so far only one person was able to reach the bottom. Maybe, it was better I did not.

There used be cottages in Pangilatan Falls. But eventually, it was either destroyed or neglected. Come summer time though, the falls drew flock of tourists and nature trippers. Because it has a wide, deep basin, it can accommodate them all. Also, I heard that there are other tiers near the main waterfall.

Brgy ArtuzIt was past lunch time when I headed back to the village. The driver volunteered to get some fresh coconut to quench my thirst. Such a sweet-tasting buko. It easily reminded me of my trip to Dau Falls in Samboan, Cebu when we asked for buko from the local copra farmers.

Going to Pangilatan Falls in Tapaz, Capiz was a sound decision. I may not have seen the Mundos but I got a reliable contact for my Chasing Waterfalls Project should I go back to Tapaz and visit Jamindan, Capiz for the first time and see the Kalikasan Falls, Nabuyong Falls, Malinamon Falls, and Pangabitkabiton Falls.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry’s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. Also, this is part of his July 30-August 8, 2013 Panay Island Backpacking Trip.


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