According to Section 1 of Act No. 113 approved by the Philippine Commission on April 11, 1901, all the provisions of The Provincial Government Act of 1901 was extended to a provincial government in that territory in the Island of Panay known as the Province of Iloilo, including the Comandancia of Concepcion.

Iloilo Capitol The town of Iloilo was made the capital of the province (section 5). General Martin Delgado became the first civilian governor from 1901 to 1904.

Casa Real in Iloilo CityLocated beside the imposing new provincial capitol is called the Casa Real. Made of wood and stone during the Spanish colonial era, the Casa Real was the seat of the provincial government for a century or since Iloilo became a province in 1901 and until 2001. During the Second World War, it was used by the Japanese Imperial Army.

Casa Real in Iloilo CityIn front of Casa Real is the Arroyo Fountain which serves as the point from which all road distances from Panay Island are measured.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s July 30-August 8, 2013 Panay Island Backpacking Trip.


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