Under the patronage of Saint Augustine, the first church and convent of Dumangas, Iloilo was built by Father Martin De Rada, OSA, in 1572. The Apostle of Panay, Father Rada was the first Catholic missionary to arrive in Panay Island having been in the island six years prior to the church construction.

Dumangas Church in Dumangas, IloiloThe church was destroyed in 1628; a new church was also destroyed by a powerful earthquake in 1787. Father Fernando Llorente had it rebuilt in Gothic Byzantine style in 1887 and completed by Father Rafael Murillo in 1896.

In 1988, the National Historical Institute declared the Dumangas Church as a national historical landmark pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree Nos. 260, 375 and 1505.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s July 30-August 8, 2013 Panay Island Backpacking Trip.


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