A low pressure area was developing somewhere in Mindanao and that explained why the Visayan Sea was a little rough on that particular day. Maybe I thought I came to Gigantes Islands at a wrong time. But, no. There was no storm yet in the horizon so I believed it would go alright.

Cabugao Gamay Island in Carles, IloiloI talked to the owner of Gigantes Hideaway Inn, Sir Joel Decano, to provide me a good boat for my island hopping. Mr. Decano is also the tourism officer of the Municipality of Carles which has the jurisdiction of the islands in Gigantes. Since I was all alone, the boat rental was a little stiff but it afforded me flexibility.

Half an hour after we left Barangay Asluman, we docked at the western beach of Cabugao Gamay Island. Immediately, I went to the spot where the picture that launched Cabugao and Gigantes Islands to the world was shot.

Cabugao Gamay Island in Carles, IloiloI felt an unbridled joy as I stood at the northern hill of Cabugao Gamay Island, gazing upon the beauty and splendor that I was blessed to witness on that day. That scene kept me enthralled and lulled for a while that I have completely forgotten how rough and hard it was just to get here. I have seen other magnificent islands in my previous trips but definitely Cabugao Gamay Island has this charm that spell-bound me for a while.

That spell had to be broken so I could go to other destinations and not completely lost in Cabugao Gamay Island. I told the guide that we make a stop in a nearby island north of Cabugao Gamay Island. It is called Cabugao Daku Island.

Cabugao Daku Island in Carles, IloiloUnlike it is more photographed neighbor,Cabugao Daku Island has a smaller beach but it has beautiful caves. I know I was enchanted and spoiled in a fleeting moment inCabugao Gamay Island and I was disappointed because of the vandalism in the caves of Cabugao Daku Island. And that prompted me to go to my next destination.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s July 30-August 8, 2013 Panay Island Backpacking Trip.


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