Location: Barangay San Isidro, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental
Type: Plunge

I really wanted to culminate my ten-day Mindanao backpacking trip in a grand fashion. So to do that, I had to be in Cagayan de Oro at the break of dawn of October 10. The day before, I was in Davao City to meet and visit some friends. And I left the city at 8AM so that I won’t be pressed for time.

Not long after I reached Agora Terminal in CDO, I transferred to yet another bus to go to Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, a town 32 kilometers east of the City of Golden Friendship. Almost an hour later, I was already walking towards the municipal hall.

Sagpulon Falls in Jasaan, Misamis OrientalI went straight to the PNP Station to ask some assistance. Two days prior of my trip, there was an encounter between the forces of the 4th Infantry Division and elements of the New People’s Army in the hinterlands of a town near Jasaan. PNP Jasaan was just courteous and accommodating.

Moments later, I and the driver they assigned to me were already on our way to Sagpulon Falls. But first we ventured to Kahulugan Spring Resort and see what it was in there. The staff were glad to allow me in and explore their resort. And I found it to be really nice and well maintained. Kahulugan is a member of Jasaan Resort Operators Association.

Then finally we went to Sagpulon Falls. The road going to the falls was rough and the overflow bridge was destroyed during the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo. But the biggest casualty was the hanging bridge 50 meters away from Sagpulon Falls. So to cross the stream, we have to walk on huge boulders and climb through banks. And as I was reaching for something to cling on to, I came crashing down as the riprap collapsed. That resulted to several scratches close to my left ankle.

Sagpulon Falls in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Sagpulon Falls closely resembles Katibawasan Falls in Mambajao, Camiguin. Both are towering and majestic. Their waters plunge from a gorge down to a huge pool. Also because of Typhoon Pablo, the cottages were destroyed and little evidences of their previous existence can still be seen.

Before we left Sagpulon Falls, I told my driver that should we see a malunggay tree, we have to stop and get some leaves and have it rubbed on to my wounds. It is a basic first aid stuff.

A trip to Jasaan‘s Sagpulon Falls was well worth it as I have seen yet another majestic falls. Yes, that was despite the wounds that I’ve got, probably the worst cuts I ever had in my Chasing Philippine Waterfalls Project.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. Also, this is part of his October 1-10 Zamboanga Peninsula-Northern Mindanao-ARMM-Davao Regions Backpacking Trip.


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