Location: Sitio Limunsudan, Iligan City
Types: Plunge, Segmented, Tiered

Limunsudan Falls in Iligan CityIn all the years since I started traveling, there are several destinations, things, and events that proved to be rather elusive. And for the times that I never had the chance, I persisted in yearning and in dreaming. An excellent opportunity would open itself when it is least expected, I hoped.

Touted to be the country’s second highest waterfall at 872 feet next to Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao Oriental, Limunsudan Falls had been in my bucket list for a very long time. Although I have been regularly visiting Iligan City since 2010, Limunsudan was always a distant dream. Security and logistics were the recurring issues that hindered me from further pursuing this dream destination.

Limunsudan Falls in Iligan CityUnbeknownst to me, the Iligan Bloggers Society had for the past two years successfully held Waterfalling Adventure Tour. IBS aims to promote Iligan as a premier eco-tourism destination living up to its name as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. Last October 2013 during my brief sojourn to Marawi City, I met Lovette Jam Jacosalem of IBS and I intimated my long desire to visit and explore Limunsudan. And if it is included in another WAT, I begged to be included.

Limunsudan Falls in Iligan CityThis past summer, IBS held the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 with Limunsudan as the main destination. Of course, I gladly signed up! Never would I pass up the golden opportunity to personally seeing Limunsudan Falls even if it meant I would have to buy really expensive plane tickets just to reach Iligan City on time. Thankfully, there was a provision for it.

Limunsudan Falls in Iligan CityAt dawn of May 18, I was on the verge of finally seeing Limunsudan. It was shocking however to see three military trucks that would transport us to Limunsudan. Yes, we need military escorts but I initially thought it was an overkill. Then we were informed that other groups would be joining us as well. Still, I had that nagging uneasy feeling.

It took us a lengthy time to reach Sitio Limunsudan as we took the Butuan-CDO-Iligan Road and CDO-Dominorog-Camp Kabaritan Road. The longer the trip, the further the road, the bumpier it became. It was not worrisome, in fact, I was relaxed throughout the trip. By 10AM, we have finally reached Sitio Limunsudan and were greeted by the frenzied Higaonon tribe, the indigenous people living in the hinterlands of Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, and Bukidnon.

Limunsudan Falls in Iligan CityAs a customary practice by the Higaonons, they held a ceremonial ritual, something that was another first in my Chasing Philippine Waterfalls Project. The first first of course was the security provided by the 4th Mechanized Infantry (Kalasag) Battalion based in Camp Pintoy, Iligan City.

By 11:30AM, I have finally seen Limunsudan Falls! It was such an overwhelming and humbling experience to have arrived at one of my dream destinations. All those years of waiting have finally came to a fitting end. That day we were blessed with a great weather and an obstructed view of Limunsudan. It was a postcard-perfect view of wide, expansive, verdant forests dissected by the roaring white water generously flowing into two major drops. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Limunsudan Falls in Iligan CityNote: This is part of the three-day Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 of the Iligan Bloggers Society. Also, it is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls.


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