Location: Dibulo, Dinapigue, Isabela
Type: Slide horsetail

After I and Edgar Allan Zeta Yap of EAZYTraveler.net explored the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park in June, I felt deep in my heart that I need to go back to my home province of Isabela. Apparently, I had to explore Isabela as I firmly believed there are a lot more to be seen and discovered.

The southeastern town of Dinapigue was my destination. In June, we were able to cover the three coastal towns of Maconacon, Divilacan, and Palanan. We did not have enough time to go further south.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaSo, after I have visited Sagada, Mountain Province, Banaue, Hungduan and Mayoyao in Ifugao, I headed east and stayed overnight in Santiago City. I made the most out of my little time in Santiago. I met a friend whom I haven’t seen since we graduated in high school, visited my best friend, and me a new one.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaOn October 11, I woke up early. By 3AM, I already left my sister’s house to go to the central transport terminal. The only minibus going to Dinapigue via Quirino and Aurora provinces was being loaded with merchandises, farm implements, and other stuffs. At 5AM, we started our long journey. And I did not expect that it would take 12 hours to reach my destination.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaAs soon as we arrived at the town proper, rain began to pour down. So I quickly asked around where to stay and an old woman volunteered that I should stay at the apartment owned by the former town mayor. It was just a few steps away from the bus terminal.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaOnce settled, I asked his wife for assistance if they can refer to me someone who can bring me to Dibulo Falls and the Bonsai Forest, my major destinations in this coastal town. And gladly they did.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaThe following day, they contacted Alexander who was working in one of the mining companies operating in Dinapigue. We drove south to reach Dibulo, one of the six barangays of Dinapigue. We drove past lush greenery, verdant rice fields and a small community of Dumagats.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaAfter we parked the motorcycle, we did a short hike to the falls. The trail that led to Dibulo Falls was very easy. The huge boulders that were scattered in the river stream created beautiful backdrops and silk-like plunges.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, IsabelaPart of me was disappointed not to have seen the full power and might of Dibulo Falls. Standing at 100 meters, Dibulo Falls could have been a lot more awesome sight to behold. And staring face to face against the roaring Dibulo Falls could have been an otherworldly experience.

It was not meant to be. It however gave me enough motivation to visit it in yet another chapter of the Chasing Philippine Waterfalls Project. Back then, I was just thankful that I had seen another majestic waterfalls and wonderful destination made more meaningful as it is found in my beloved provincel.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. Also, this is part of his October 3-14, 2014 Mountain Province-Ifugao-Isabela-Aurora Backpacking Trip.


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