Location: Mapawoy, Mayoyao, Ifugao
Types: Slide horsetail, Cascade, Segmented

The last leg of my eight-hour Mayoyao Trip was a trek to Tenogtog Falls. The eight-hour day tour seemed longer than that.

My Ifugao guide Jerome had ironically showed signs of fatigue due to seemingly never-ending walks. At past 3PM, we had a late lunch at Aeron’s at the town proper.

Tenogtog Falls in Mayoyao, IfugaoBeing re-energized, we headed west. Two and a half kilometers away from the town proper is a small road going to the northwestern barangays of Mayoyao. After a short ascent, the path along a gorge turned narrower. In about 25 minutes of moderately-paced walk, we reached Tenogtog Falls.

Tenogtog is an Ifugao word which means chopped. It was in this place where hunters chopped their game and share it to others who unfortunately had none that day.

Tenogtog Falls in Mayoyao, IfugaoTenogtog is a segmented waterfall that dynamically drops to a small basin. On that late afternoon of October 9, I saw themajestic Tenogtog. The drizzle and the afternoon overcast made Tenogtog a lot more beautiful and charming. The tradeoff however was that the mist and the small pool and viewing area made it harder for me to capture the fullness of its beauty and majesty.

Tenogtog Falls in Mayoyao, IfugaoLike Manhencha Falls, there are other tiers of Tenogtog Falls but are hardly accessible as they are located at the upper part of the ridge. Had it not been drizzling and not pressed for time, we could have gone to the other tiers. The very steep trail was very slippery and muddy. The whole of Tenogtog Falls however can be seen on the other side of the mountain, near the irrigation.

Having seen eight rice terraces, two waterfalls, a World War II memorial site, an ancient burial tomb, and a mystical stone, the Mayoyao Day Tour was a rousing success.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. Also, this is part of his October 3-14, 2014 Mountain Province-Ifugao-Isabela-Aurora Backpacking Trip.


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