Dinapigue Bonsai Bonsai Forest in Dinapigue, IsabelaForest - 01At the southern part of the natural park is a bonsai forest. It has an estimated area of 5000 hectares. The apparent absence or lack of study has failed to establish the pedological and geological reasons of the bonsai forest in Dinapigue.

Bonsai Forest in Dinapigue, IsabelaBut it does not diminish the fact that the bonsai forest adds luster and charm to the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park being included in the Tentative List of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bonsai Forest in Dinapigue, IsabelaIf you are planning to visit the bonsai forest, you have to secure a permit from the LGU. Hire a motorcycle and make it sure that your driver is knowledgeable of the exact spot of the bonsai forest. You can easily get lost in the vastness of the natural park.

Bonsai Forest in Dinapigue, IsabelaThe largest protected area in the Philippines is found mainly on the coastal towns of Isabela. The Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park is spread over the municipalities of Palanan, Divilacan, and Maconacon. Parts of portions of San Pablo, Cabagan, Tumauini, Ilagan City, San Mariano, and Dinapigue are also included in the NSMNP.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s October 3-14, 2014 Mountain Province-Ifugao-Isabela-Aurora Backpacking Trip.


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