Location: Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora
Type: Ribbon horsetail

Ditumabo FallsFacing the mighty Pacific Ocean, the coastal municipality of Baler is most famous as a surfing destination. Throughout the year, surfing waves consistently greet hardcore surfers and eager visitors. Naturally, that makes them fall in love with Baler.

Ditumabo FallsHowever, there are other must-see places during the Baler Tour primarily of which is the Ditumabo Falls. Located in the neighboring town of San Luis, it majestically stands at 140 feet and powerfully dropping unimpeded to a wide pool.

Ditumabo FallsDitumabo Falls is also romantically called as Mother Falls because it is the grandest and most majestic waterfall that can be found in the Baler-San Luis area. With the Sierra Madre Mountain Range as its water source, Ditumabo Falls has continuously displayed its might and power.

Ditumabo FallsIdeally, to reach Ditumabo Falls, one has contract a tricycle in Baler. The tricycle operators and drivers are regulated by the Tourism Office to bring tourists to the Mother Falls and other destinations. A Day Tour may cost P800. Another option is to bring a car but a registered guide is stil a must.

Ditumabo FallsFrom the registration area, one has to trek one and a half kilometers to reach the falls, walking through boulders and steep trails along the river banks, crossing bamboo bridges in a mossy forest.

Ditumabo FallsBringing water and food to the falls is strictly prohibited. The tourism staff at the registration area will courteously ask you to leave those behind. This is to prevent the litter bugs from throwing their trash irresponsibly.

Ditumabo FallsA mini hydroelectric plant was built downstream to harness the power of Ditumabo Falls. This supplies the electric requirement of the Municipality of San Luis, Aurora.

Ditumabo FallsNote: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. Also, this is part of his October 3-14, 2014 Mountain Province-Ifugao-Isabela-Aurora Backpacking Trip.


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