Location: Sitio Inamong, Brgy. Matigol, Arakan, Cotabato
Types: Cascade, Multi-step, Fan horsetail

As soon as the Rural Transit bus was cruising along the BUDA (Bukidnon-Davao) Highway, I often looked at the direction of the conductor. From time to time, I would ask if Campo Uno.

Matigol Falls in Arakan, CotabatoFrom Campo Uno, I hired a habal habal motorcycle going to Barangay Matigol which sadly I found out to be still far from Sitio Inamong. So I have to walk down the dirt road while enjoying the aroma that the flowering coffee trees exude.

Sitio Inamong in Arakan, CotabatoAt Sitio Matigol, I asked for some assistance. Adult Manobos were unavailable so some children accompanied me instead. It did not take long when started our trek. Then I faced the biggest scare in my Chasing Philippine Waterfalls Project. We had to go down on a very steep ravine.

Matigol Falls in Arakan, CotabatoIt literally shook the core of my being and the essence and purpose of the project. And although the little children easily reached the bottom, I was still hesitant to follow them and was already thinking of calling it off.

Matigol Falls in Arakan, CotabatoThe trek was relatively easier from there. And a few minutes later, I was already staring at the fullness of Matigol Falls! The sight overwhelmed and rendered me speechless for a while.

Matigol Falls in Arakan, CotabatoThe kids told me that we should go and see the higher part of Matigol Falls. That was also the shorter route back to the village. Shorter yet steeper and more punishing. Ah, kids!

Matigol Falls in Arakan, CotabatoThe views of the other tiers of Matigol Falls are also majestic. It provided more beauty, depth, charm, and character. And with different tiers come different pools and playgrounds to frolic around.

The physical exhaustion and the scare were properly compensated by the natural beauty and charm that I have seen that day in Matigol Falls. As I was dragging my feet to Barangay Matigol, I cannot help but utter a sincere prayer of appreciation and thanksgiving for the opportunity to enjoy the creation of the Almighty God. Truly, this country has been blessed!

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls. This is also part of his January 26 – February 4, 2015 Davao and SOCCSKSARGEN Backpacking Trip.


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