Location: Brgy. Dubduban, San Agustin, Tablas Island, Romblon
Types: Fan Horsetail, Segmented, Tiered/Multi-step, Cascade, Punchbowl

More than four years ago, I already set my sights on the Province of Romblon. In July 2013, I drafted my travel itinerary that would have covered the three major islands (Tablas, Romblon, and Sibuyan) and other smaller islands in the province. For some reasons, that trip got sidetracked many times over.

When a local airline opened a new route to Tablas (IATA Code: TBH), I immediately booked a round-trip ticket. The trip will be for seven days. Maybe enough to cover what I initially planned four years ago.

Busai Falls No. 4

As soon as we arrived at Tugdan Airport, we contracted a tricycle that would bring us to San Agustin, our home for two nights. After we checked in, we went to the town hall and inquired. Fortunately, Mr. Mario Moncuyas, the municipal tourism officer, was still around. He said that we could visit Busai Falls right away since it is just two kilometers away from the town center. He insisted that we could go to Romblon Island the following morning. We did not budge. We had all the time the next day.

Our decision proved to providential.

After an underwhelming side trips to Guadalupe and Long Beach, we went to Barangay Dubduban to see the nine-tiered Busai Falls.

The first three falls were uninviting to say the least. Then after a few more steps, we saw Falls No. 4. It had redeeming value for an otherwise underwhelming early morning trip.

Since we were already there, we decided to see the other falls.

The owner of the tract of land where the Busai Falls is located guided us. Manong Jun even offered the bounty of his crops. In between stops and rests, we had fresh buko and pineapple. He even wanted us to bring down whatever we can carry.

After a few minutes of carefully negotiating through a steep trail, we descended to Falls No. 9. The view was surreal and the crevices were stunning.

At about 20 meters aways from Falls No. 9 is the two-tiered Falls No. 8. The horsetail lower tier is the best place to have a shower and a body massage.

Busai Falls No. 8 (upper tier)

Busai Falls No. 8 (ledge)

Busai Falls No. 8 (lower tier)

If Falls No. 9 has a narrow passageway, Falls Nos. 7 and 6 have an even narrower and sharper bend and deeper pools. A more adventurous visitor might try sliding through the falls but it comes with a great risk.

From Falls No. 8, we crawled our way going to Falls No. 4. From there, we climbed a small trail that led to Falls No. 5. It is the tallest waterfall in Busai.

Had we followed Mr. Mancuyas‘s suggestion however practical and useful it may have been, we could have missed the beauty of the five other waterfalls of Busai. And most likely, we could have missed the generosity of Manong Jun and the sweetness and freshness of his crops.

And these made the San Agustin segment of our seven-day Romblon Backpacking Trip even better, happier and more memorable and pleasurable.

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls and the seven-day Romblon Backpacking Trip.


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