Location: JRP Farm, Sitio Tambo, Brgy. Tinagpoloan, Cagayan De Oro City
Types: Cascade, Multistep, Segmented

I walked up feeling with pains in my thighs and legs. The Chasing Philippines Waterfalls: Impasugong Edition was real physically hard. Or maybe, age is catching me up. I don’t know.

After finishing my coffee, I told my cousin Cindy that we should be going. From Bulua, we rode a jeep going to Carmen Market where a Talakag-bound jeep was waiting. An hour passed by before it left the terminal.

Although it is just approximately 26 kilometers in distance, going to Sinulom Falls took hours. The jeepney had to load and unload passengers every now and then. We were not in a hurry though. Besides, it was the cheapest way possible going to the falls.

At the junction of the Cagayan De Oro-Airport-Bukidnon Road, we rented a habal habal motorcycle going to Sinulom Falls. The road going down the falls was under construction and lots of loose gravel and stones prevented the habal habal to go down to the falls. So, we told him to fetch us in two hours.

We figured that would be enough for us to have enjoyed the waterfalls all to ourselves. It was Monday! There would be no hordes of tourists.

From the waiting shed where he left us, we saw from afar Sinulom Falls. It was like Asik Asik Falls. No, it was like Balisbisan Falls since I had been there the day before. That added up the excitement.

But I was still plodding along. My legs and thighs still hurt, right?

As we were walking down to the falls, we saw this man. We asked if he could allow us to buy a few buco. He obliged, gave us four and we had it for free!

Several minutes later, we were already inside the JRP Farm. There were several men working in the farm. Developments and field works were underway. There were already open cottages with chairs. There were also comfort rooms and shower areas. More works were needed to put into place essential amenities and facilities, I supposed.

Those developments were concentrated in an area far from the waterfalls. And that was a great consideration.

We asked how much was the entrance fee and the use of the open cottages. Since the works were on going, they did not ask for any fees. Whoa! Daghang salamat, bai!

Countless water sprouts coming from ridge feeds the Cagayan de Oro River. Because the ridge is near Talakag and town is well within Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park, quite possibly the mountain range provides the spring waters that come out of the sprouts.

It should be noted that Cagayan de Oro River has two upper main courses. One from Mount Kitanglad and the other from Mount Kalatungan. The downstream is used for the famed white water rafting, the main tourist attraction of the city.

Although the sprouts may be a little portion of the water that flows along the mighty Cagayan de Oro River, still  the beauty and majesty it possesses can never be understated. The water sprouts are like silver strands overhanging in the midst of thickly verdant surroundings.

How else can you explain this wonder of nature? One realization is that you will be lost for words and just marvel at the beauty of this creation. How great must the Creator be!

Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s ambitious travel project: Chasing Philippine Waterfalls and the seven-day Northern Mindanao Backpacking Trip and Group Tour.


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