The early years of the American occupation in the Philippine islands saw a great transition of governance as models and forms of civilian governments were formed and transformed. Old Spanish encomiendas and military districts were either further subdivided or fused together. In Mindanao, the military districts of Cotabato, Davao, Lanao, Sulu, and Zamboanga formed the Moro Province, which could probably be the single largest province in Philippine history. In the wide expanse of Agusan Valley, a new province was created by the Philippine Commission under Dean C. Worcester. By virtue of Act No. 1693, Agusan was made into province on August 20, 1907. Malaybalay wasRead More →

Location: Claro Cortez, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur Type: Cascade The landlocked province of Agusan del Sur is sandwiched by two mountain ranges both the eastern and western sides. The thick forests and watersheds in these mountain ranges produce tremendous amount of water, creating several tributaries for the legendary Agusan River. In Agusan del Sur‘s only city, Bayugan, there are around 17 waterfalls tucked and scattered in its hinterlands. According to Engr. Primitivo Alimpoos, the City Planning and Development Officer, these waterfalls can be harnessed to generate substantial amount of hydro-electric power to supply the basic needs of the city’s far-flung communities, developed as eco-tourismRead More →