As I was strolling around the capitol grounds in Kalibo, I happened to see a monument with wreaths on its side. I went near and read the inscription, the monument belonged to Macario Peralta, Jr. He was born in Manila on July 30, 1913; took law at the University of the Philippines and graduated with cum laude in 1936; placed second in the bar examinations, next to Diosdado Macapagal. In 1936, Peralta joined the Philippine Commonwealth Army. He attended the Philippine Army Infantry School in 1940, finishing at the top of his class. During the Second World War, Peralta was assigned as the commander ofRead More →

Location: Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan Types: Tiered, Fan horsetail, Segmented It was my second day in Aklan and all of Panay and I was raring for another adventure. Top of my list was going to Tangalan, Aklan and see Jawili Falls for myself. While planning for this Panay Island Trip, my good friend Pol Tonel suggested that a visit to this waterfall was well worth it. So, I left Kalibo early that day but got stopped at Tangalan town plaza as a parade was going on. I found out that the people were celebrating the town’s founding anniversary. But in a few minutes, the tricycle hadRead More →

Location: Barangay Libang, Makato, Aklan Type: Fan horsetail I have long planned my ten-day Panay Island Trip. For several instances, I have tweaked my itinerary. Then on the day itself, I have to change it again on the fly. When I arrived at Roxas Airport, I was unable to claim my tripod. It turned out that the staff of the Philippine Airlines at NAIA 3 failed to load it in the same flight (2P 201). So, I proceeded to Kalibo, Aklan via Batan to visit the Kalantiaw Shrine. After I have checked in at a pension house, I was raring to go for an adventure.Read More →

The Museum of Aklan is a credible story teller about Aklan and her people, their culture and historical heritage, their economic and social achievement. It becomes a challenge to her leaders and her people to dream and aspire for greatness as their forefathers did. The original edifice was erected in 1882 by the Spanish authorities as a school house of the people of Kalibo and neighboring towns. It was popularly known as Escuelahan It Hari (School of the King). It has been used and utilized in varied manner such as trial sala, auditorium, garrison and warehouse. The Sto. NiƱo Ati-Atihan is a historical and religiousRead More →

A few blocks from Pastrana Park, Kalibo’s main public park, is a revered shrine dedicated to Aklanon freedom fighters. The most prominent figure in the Aklan Freedom Shrine belongs to General Francisco del Castillo, a close associate of Andres Bonifacio. This Aklanon Katipunero was tasked by Bonifacio to establish Katipunan in Panay Island. On March 17, 1897, the young patriot, defender of liberty and leader of the Aklan revolutionists was killed by an assassin during a fight in the present-day Pastrana Park. The untimely death of Gen. del Castillo had signaled the end of the major struggle for freedom in Aklan. His close friends, assistantsRead More →

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