If the Province of Aklan has a revolutionary hero named General Francisco del Castillo, the Province of Antique has General Leandro Locsin Fullon. He was born in the storied coastal town of Hamtic, Antique on March 13, 1877. Although the independence from Madre España was already proclaimed in Kawit, Cavite on June 12, 1998, the Philippine Revolution continued in the Visayas. Together with Generals Martin Delgado and Ananias Diokno, General Leandro Fullon, the commanding officer of the Visayan forces, was sent by General Emilio Aguinaldo to liberate the island. The independence proved to be short-lived, if not an anomaly, as the Filipino-American War commenced nearlyRead More →

A fleet of small boats had for days and weeks sailed through the ancient waters of Sulu Sea in search for new settlements. They just escaped Borneo away from the clutches of the tyrant Sultan Makatunaw. It was circa 1212. Then an island had mystically gravitated them and had them dropped anchors. Datus Puti, Sumakwel, Bangkaya, Paiburong, Paduhinog, Dumangsol, Dumangsil, Dumaluglog, Balkasusa, and Lubay presented themselves to the village chief Marikudo, his wife Maniwantiwan and their subjects. They came in peace and to purchase tracts of land to which they establish settlements and kingdoms. The ten Bornean datus offered precious gifts to the Ati royaltiesRead More →

  I. His life: Born to Everardo Javier and Feliza Bellaflor on October 31, 1942, in Barangay Lanag, Hamtic, Antique Finished a Bachelor of Arts (1963) and Bachelor of Laws (1968) in Ateneo; passed the bar that same year Elected governor of Antique from 1972 to 1980 Ran for assembly in 1981 but lost to a staunch ally of President Ferdinand E. Marcos Earned master’s degree in public administration at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 1982 II. His death: The intensity and anxiety in the counting of ballots for the snap presidential elections was palpable The campaign manager ofRead More →

Oral history and traditions state that the Province of Antique and all of Panay Island was first inhabited by a tribe called Negritos. It further claimed that in 1212, Datu Puti and nine other Malay chiefs arrived in the island. They were welcomed by Datu Marikudo and Queen Maniwantiwan who were lavished with gifts such as golden salakot and necklace and other troves of treasures; he in turn threw a great feast. Eventually, the Ati king and queen and their subjects left the coastal areas and lowlands to the Malays and resettled in the hinterlands of Panay. The settlement was named Hantik because of theRead More →

Historically, Panay Island has been a producer of tons of sugar as its vast lands are suitable for sugarcane planting. Some of them make muscovado or the organic brown sugar using a very large vat. After going to Bugtong Bato Falls, I stopped by at the Tibiao Kawa Hot Bath to have a unique therapeutic experience. More than the relaxation, it was the thought of being in a large vat, with fire underneath, the water getting warm by the minute. That was fun and ironically, a cool experience. It may conjure a cannibalistic ritual but this hot bath experience has been drawing tourists in thisRead More →

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