On this site of Dikaloyungan in Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora on September 3, 1897, Filipino revolutionaries led by Teodorico Luna Novicio, Anterio Amatorio, Norberto Valenzuela, and Isabelo Palispis tore their cedulas as an act of defiance against the Spanish colonial authorities. They also signed a manifesto declaring their resistance. This event precipitated the revolution in the district of Baler. (289)Read More →

Location: Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora Type: Ribbon horsetail Facing the mighty Pacific Ocean, the coastal municipality of Baler is most famous as a surfing destination. Throughout the year, surfing waves consistently greet hardcore surfers and eager visitors. Naturally, that makes them fall in love with Baler. However, there are other must-see places during the Baler Tour primarily of which is the Ditumabo Falls. Located in the neighboring town of San Luis, it majestically stands at 140 feet and powerfully dropping unimpeded to a wide pool. Ditumabo Falls is also romantically called as Mother Falls because it is the grandest and most majestic waterfall that canRead More →

Location: Paleg, Dinalungan, Aurora Types: Slide horsetail, Cascade It has been taking me like forever to reach Dinapigue, Isabela. And there were times the long trip had bored me. Just before we reached the town proper of Dinalungan in Aurora Province, I saw a sign that bore “to Bulawan Falls“. So I asked the woman beside me to describe that waterfall; she happened to be from the same town. What she said convinced me to pay a visit to Bulawan Falls. So after visiting Dibulo Falls and the bonsai forest in Dinapigue, Isabela, I headed south to explore the Province of Aurora. I set asideRead More →