Cape Engano Cove

The northeastern town of Santa Ana in Cagayan has for the past five years gained traction towards being a top tourism draw. Reached from Manila approximately 12 hours by land travel, it has drawn great raves and praises so much so that two editions of the reality TV show Survivor (Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Survivor: Cagayan) were shot primarily in this coastal town. What made Santa Ana more famous is Palaui Island which is separated from mainland Luzon by the Babuyan Channel. Here are the five major reasons why Palaui is worth all the trouble and the hype: 1. CNN Travel Top 10 Best BeachRead More →

Humpback whale

In a far off land there lies a wonder of nature never yet spoiled by insatiable human greed. Separated from the bigger Luzon Island by the oftentimes treacherous waters of Babuyan Channel, Camiguin is every inch a tropical paradise. Within the depths of its waters and the breadth of its forests and mountains are diverse wonders of nature. None more stunningly breathtaking than the cetaceans that call Camiguin as its home. Based on the research works of, humpback whales regularly visit the island to mate, breed, and play in its waters between the months of February and April. They are part of the AsianRead More →

Since we missed the boat going to Maconacon, Isabela to start our Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park Adventure Trip, we had to do some things to while the time away. On the third day, we were just in a relaxed, bum mode. Then in the afternoon, I just stared at Palaui Island Protected Landscape and Seascape and waited patiently for the sunset. For three days, the weather had been good. So naturally, we had another amazing sunset. Thank you, Lord! (188)Read More →

As we embark on our Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park Adventure Trip, an Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone was reported to be developing somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Initially, the boat we were taking should have left Port of San Vicente in Sta. Ana, Cagayan at 2AM. But the winds began to sweep the area, threatening our trip and further delaying our adventures. By 3AM, the wind calmed down and so we left San Vicente. As M/B King Gerald was slowly cruising on a surprisingly serene Pacific Ocean, I was anticipating a beautiful sunrise to greet us on our way. And it happened! Truth to be told,Read More →

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