The Philippine Revolution started in August 1896 when the secret society KKK (Kataástaasan, Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng̃ mg̃á Anak ng̃ Bayan) was discovered by the Spanish colonial authorities. Although the main battlefronts were in Manila and surrounding provinces, other islands followed suit and joined in the quest to liberate the islands from the Spaniards. The Revolt of Cebu was started not by its own son but by another from a neighboring island. Born in Bacong, Negros Oriental on July 27, 1873, Pantaleon Villegas was the son of Don Policarpio Villegas and Doña Úrsula Soldi. Commissioned by General Emilio Aguinaldo, Leon Kilat organized Cebuano revolutionaries upon dispatched.Read More →

Location: Brgy. Luka, Oslob, Cebu Type: Cascade The southeastern Cebu town of Oslob had just been put into spotlight when whale sharks or butanding became tourist attractions. But other that these gentle sea giants, there is also an interesting tourist spot in Oslob. It is called the Tumalog Falls. One hundred twenty seven kilometers away from Cebu City, Tumalog Falls is a multi-step, cascade waterfalls that can effortlessly overwhelm its visitors by its sheer magnificence. The peculiarity of the waterfalls really amazed me. Not as raging as Lanao del Norte‘s Tinago Falls, but nevertheless, its light drops are a sight to behold, a soothing showerRead More →

In the course of my Philippine explorations, there were surprises that would spring out from nowhere. As I put the southern Cebu town of Samboan in my itinerary, my original plan was just to go to Aguinid Falls. Then suddenly I came across with several interesting tourist spots and historical landmarks. As the Ceres bus left Cebu South Bus Terminal at 1AM, I was expecting to be in Samboan before sunrise. And literally, I did! It was just 3:30AM when we arrived and I whiled the time away in the above structure in which I found out to be the Samboan WWII Volunteers Monument. ThisRead More →

Location: Brgy. Suba, Samboan, Cebu Type: Punchbowl plunge Unlike the waterfalls of Aguinid and Binalayan, Dau Falls is located in the more remote part of Mt. Bartolina, the highest peak in southern Cebu. There are a few things that I will never forget in this waterfalls. First, the trek was punishing. We’ve been hiking for more than an hour under a late morning hot sun in the wide-open Mount Bartolina but still we haven’t reached the falls. Second, my CPL and UV filters were accidentally detached from my camera and fell to the ravine. Well, at least it was not me and my guides. Third,Read More →

Location: Binalayan, Samboan, Cebu Type: Curtain ledge Soon after I have conquered Aguinid Falls, I headed back to the highway where I found a turo turo for my breakfast. While I eating, I engaged the locals in a friendly chit chat. I told them about my trip to Samboan and if they can help me see more waterfalls within the area. They told me about another waterfalls which is just walking distance. Okay, in the province when they said it is near or just a walking distance, maybe they refer to it be just a mile away or so. Anyway, I have enough calories toRead More →

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