Who would have thought that a boutique hotel can be a tourist spot? In Davao City, there is a unique hotel that has caught the fancy of tourists and art enthusiasts. It is not the design of the rooms nor its make up that regale its visitors. The artworks inside and outside Ponce Suites make it an unlikely tourist spot. Years of painstaking work by the artist named Kublai Millan (Rey Mujahid Ponce Millan) have paid handsomely as his works are noticed and recognized. At Ponce Suites, the flamboyant artworks have literally splashed all over the hotel. You can easily get blown and overwhelmed byRead More →

Discussions on Second World War epic heroism, courage and valor have one familiar and natural segue: tall tales, legends and myths of the fabled Yamashita treasures. Persistent rumors, unfounded stories, and old maps arouse the curiosities that automatically launch a massive hunt. Some quarters claimed that these treasures were looted from different Southeast Asian nations to help fund the World War II campaigns of the Japanese Empire.   One of the most celebrated Yamashita treasures was the golden Buddha statue that Rogelio Roxas found in Baguio City. According to stories, President Ferdinand E. Marcos was tipped off and seized the prized finds from Roxas. TheRead More →

One of the things that I always look forward to whenever I go to Davao City is visit Blugre in Matina Town Square. Their durian blend is one of a kind. Though it is a bit sweet, the aroma is rather heavenly. In my last visit, a tour friend, Ms. Rebecca, treated me to a cup of durian coffee while we were discussing their upcoming Coron trip. Note: This is part of LegendHarry‘s Nov 21-29 Northern Mindanao-Caraga-Davao Trip. (111)Read More →

Celebrated every August, Kadayawan is the king of all Philippine festivals. It oozes with tremendous amount of vibe, energy and life. From the local word Madayaw which is good or beautiful, it showcases the best and brightest of Davao City. This year the theme is Ten Tribes, One Vibe, an honor that befits the city’s indigenous people groups. The main event of Kadayawan is the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan. Even other provinces joined in the street dance. (171)Read More →

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