At Gigantes Norte Island, the best spot to see sunset as well as sunrise is at the lighthouse located at the northern tip of the island. From Barangay Asluman, it takes a few minutes of habal habal ride and a hundred steps more or so to reach North Gigantes Medium Lighthouse. By 4PM on that day, the sun finally lit the sky and I knew that there will be an awesome sunset. So, I hailed a motorcycle to bring me close to the lighthouse. I had to find the caretaker to open the lighthouse; for safety reasons, it had to be locked. Then I climbedRead More →

Earlier in the day, I experienced for a fleeting moment a paradise in Cabugao Gamay Island. But I was sent crashing down to earth by the blemished caves of Cabugao Daku Island. So, we proceeded to Antonia Beach which is located at the southeastern edge of Gigantes Sur Island. As we were nearing the beach, I felt that I would be in another paradise. Indeed, I was! The sand was powdery. The water was turquoise. The beach was dotted with coconut trees. The rock formation was just awesome. As I climbed the southern hill of Gigantes Sur Island that overlooks Antonia Beach, I thought IRead More →

A low pressure area was developing somewhere in Mindanao and that explained why the Visayan Sea was a little rough on that particular day. Maybe I thought I came to Gigantes Islands at a wrong time. But, no. There was no storm yet in the horizon so I believed it would go alright. I talked to the owner of Gigantes Hideaway Inn, Sir Joel Decano, to provide me a good boat for my island hopping. Mr. Decano is also the tourism officer of the Municipality of Carles which has the jurisdiction of the islands in Gigantes. Since I was all alone, the boat rental wasRead More →

Born on October 31, 1870 in Dumangas, Iloilo to Nicolas Salas and Nicolasa Dicen, Quintin Salas liberated his hometown from the Spanish authorities three days before his 28th birthday. This spurred a string of successful attacks. On December 16, 1898, he liberated the town of Jaro. Colonel Quintin Salas was with General Martin Delgado during the Cry of Iloilo Revolution on November 17, 1898 and the hoisting of the Philippine flag in Plaza Libertad on December 25, 1898. Against the mighty forces of the Americans, Colonel Salas held his ground in Balantang for nine months from February to September 1899. But eventually, he could notRead More →

Father Martin De Rada, OSA may have built the first church and convent of Dumangas, Iloilo in 1572. In the same year, however, Father Juan de Alva constructed the first stone church in Panay Island in a small place called Ermita which means chapel. It was built in the hilly part of the present-day Dumangas. A new chapel was built in the former location of Ermita and the ruins of the former chapel can still be seen inside. Pursuant to the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 260 issued by President Ferdinand E. Marcos on August 1, 1973, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 375 approvedRead More →

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