On this site of Dikaloyungan in Barangay Zabali, Baler, Aurora on September 3, 1897, Filipino revolutionaries led by Teodorico Luna Novicio, Anterio Amatorio, Norberto Valenzuela, and Isabelo Palispis tore their cedulas as an act of defiance against the Spanish colonial authorities. They also signed a manifesto declaring their resistance. This event precipitated the revolution in the district of Baler. (289)Read More →

When the hostilities in Bataan Peninsula ceased on April 9, 1942, the worst nightmare had only just begun. Mentally and physically fatigued and famished, the surviving units of the USAFFE were forced to capitulate and then embarked into an ignominious and inhumane march. To what forsaken land, no one probably knew. Those who did not perish in the Battle of Bataan will have to go through some hellish days. The day after the Fall of Bataan, USAFFE soldiers from Mariveles started the horrific ordeal called Bataan Death March. Those from Bagac followed the next day. Further exposed to scorching summer sun and cold night sky,Read More →

After the proclamation of the Philippine independence from the Spanish colonial government on June 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite, the newly freed nation was living on a dangerous ground. With its former colonizers nearly at the end of its stranglehold of the archipelago, a new imperialistic master was preparing to take over. The Malolos Congress ratified the Malolos Constitution on January 20, 1899 in Malolos, Bulacan; approved by¬†General Emilio Aguinaldo on January 21; promulgated on January 22. On January 23, 1899, the First Philippine Republic was formally birthed with General Aguinaldo as the president. The young republic however was soon dragged into a war againstRead More →

As an important and strategically located ally of the United States of America in the Far East, the Commonwealth of the Philippines was unwittingly drawn into the Second World War. When Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was bombed on December 7, 1941, the US military installations in the Philippines was attacked hours later. In what otherwise could be a festive Christmas season, it was turned into somber, nightmarish and hopeless. Lives and fortunes were irreversibly changed forever from that point onwards. As the Philippines Campaign or the Battle of the Philippines dragged on, the war seemed to have no end. In Bataan Peninsula in particular, whereRead More →

Location: Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora Type: Ribbon horsetail Facing the mighty Pacific Ocean, the coastal municipality of Baler is most famous as a surfing destination. Throughout the year, surfing waves consistently greet hardcore surfers and eager visitors. Naturally, that makes them fall in love with Baler. However, there are other must-see places during the Baler Tour primarily of which is the Ditumabo Falls. Located in the neighboring town of San Luis, it majestically stands at 140 feet and powerfully dropping unimpeded to a wide pool. Ditumabo Falls is also romantically called as Mother Falls because it is the grandest and most majestic waterfall that canRead More →

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