During my recent trip to Coron, Palawan, I opted to take a ship once again. My first trip to Coron was actually via the former SuperFerry. So, taking a 16-hour voyage was just an ordinary stuff. I woke up early, anticipating a beautiful sunrise along my horizon. And I was not disappointed. As the sun slowly rose in Mindoro sky, it painted beautiful colors just above Mount Baco and all over Mindoro Strait. Lovely. Warm. Priceless! (119)Read More →

There are technological advancement of a bygone era desperately trying to survive in the digital world. Spanish Colonial Era lighthouses were very useful since its inception until a century later. Global Positioning System or GPS has since replaced these navigational aids. But for small-time boatmen and fishermen, they are still indispensable. Being an archipelagic country, the Philippines have Spanish and American period lighthouses scattered on various islands and points. During the Spanish Colonial Period, the conquistadors commissioned Engineer Magin Pers y Pers to design lighthouses that will be put up in Luzon. In Burgos, Ilocos Norte, the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is the highest in theRead More →