Location: Fidelisan, Sagada, Mountain Province Type: Fan horsetail The mountain haven of Sagada in the Cordilleras has varied attractions that can easily captivate the tourist’s heart. One of the most important and widely visited is Bomod-ok Falls in northern village of Fidelisan. Even during the summer, Bomod-ok Falls can effortlessly show its might. During my group tour last May, Bomod-ok Falls was proudly releasing its cool waters. Also called Big Falls, it provided the weekend revelers soothing shower who toiled the more than an hour trekking. Like in any other destinations in Sagada, going to Bomod-ok Falls requires registration and guide. At the entry pointRead More →

Location: Sagada, Mountain Province Types: Tiered, Fan horsetail, Slide horsetail Just recently, the Sagada Genuine Guides Association or more popularly known as SaGGAs started to offer a new adventure. And that new adventure is a trek to Pongas Falls. It is indeed quite an interesting adventure. The one -hour trek passes by rice terraces, hanging bridge, steep and winding paths. Pongas has at least four falls, each distinct in features, breadth and majesty. How To Get There: From Manila via Banaue: take a Bontoc-bound Cable Tours bus. Travel time is 12 hours. Its bus terminal is located near the back of St. Luke’s Hospital inRead More →

Whenever I travel, I would scour the local market for fresh farm produce. So when I am in the Cordilleras, one of my favorite picks is chayote tops. One time, I googled for a recipe that would give a different twist to my usual chayote shoots salad. And I found one: steamed shoots topped with salted egg and tomatoes. I am not a food expert but being an Ilocano who loves green leaves, tops and shoots, the recipe is something that I love! So if you happened to be in Baguio City, Sagada or Banaue, try to buy a bunch of this and experience aRead More →

I always love road trips. And whenever possible, I would sit beside the driver so that I can have the best view of the trip. So, when I did a solo Sagada Trip, I got the front seat. Then I set my camera so I can take pictures anytime during the six-hour trip along Halsema Highway. Also called Mountain Trail and Baguio-Bontoc Road, Halsema Highway is the part of the Philippine Highway System that connects the country’s Summer Capital to Mountain Province and Ifugao. Within Halsema Highway is the highest point of the Philippine Highway System at 7400 feet. (272)Read More →

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